How to notice signs of sleep anxiety? Get aware of them in people

Over the last few years, sleeping problems have always haunted people time and time again as it makes getting a good night’s rest impossible for some.

We have seen countless cases in our lives of people struggling to get enough rest and always remaining in a tired state the next day.

However, sometimes individuals build up a certain anxiety inside themselves that doesn’t allow them to rest well at night. This phenomenon is known as sleep anxiety.

So, what exactly is sleep anxiety? According to one definition, sleep anxiety is defined as a worry or stress that individuals develop in which they assume that they will not get enough rest at night.

Furthermore, such thoughts will take them away from a good night’s rest and make them more stressed in the morning.

Writes therapist Maythal Eshaghian on sleep anxiety,

It often involves a cycle of worrying about the consequences of sleep deprivation, which in turn can further hinder the ability to relax and get a peaceful night’s rest. This anxiety can result in heightened stress, and impacting daily functioning.

Signs that someone might be suffering from Sleep Anxiety

Let’s get to know the signs that can help us identify a person suffering from sleep anxiety:

Clock-Checking throughout the night

An individual with sleep anxiety keeps checking their wall clocks throughout the night to ascertain the time of morning when it is time to wake up. This is a sure sign of this disorder.

Worrying over not getting enough and proper sleep

Secondly, people with this disorder often ruminate about not getting a proper amount of rest at night. This then makes them feel tired and disoriented the next day as their ability to focus is at minimum levels.

Always thinking about the best time to sleep at night

Additionally, people with sleep anxiety also stress about the proper time at which they should be fast asleep. Hence, they start making their routine around that time as well.

Constantly on the internet searching for ways to sleep

Meanwhile, people with this disorder are constantly on their devices and searching extensively for the best ways to get a good night’s rest. This also hampers their circadian rhythm and they find it hard to fall asleep.

Start fearing to go to bed

Finally, people with sleep anxiety struggle to get into their beds and develop a fear of doing so because they feel that they will not get enough rest and try to avoid the activity altogether.

Thus, these are some of the signs that we must be aware of if we have such individuals living in and around us.

Moreover, they must get or seek professional help at the earliest so that they can combat this disorder in a productive way.

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