If you are having birthday blues, then this article is for you

We all know that birthdays are a time of joy and celebration with our family and friends. All of us want our special day to be more exciting every year because we cherish our birth on this earth.

However, some of us feel sad or depressed during our special day because of the presence of any negative trigger.

Therefore, having these blues is quite common in today’s world and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it.

Says therapist Andrea Evgeniou on getting the birthday blues,

Birthdays are meant to be a celebration of life, but sometimes they can trigger feelings of sadness and anxiety. If you’re experiencing the birthday blues, you’re not alone.

Signs that people are having a hard time on their birthdays

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs of birthday blues that people suffer from.

Not achieved enough in life

While birthdays are a time to reflect upon our past and judge our accomplishments and aspirations, it can become a downer when we feel that we’ve not achieved enough in life.

Death of a loved one

Everyone wants to celebrate their birthdays with their family and friends every year. However, if a loved one has passed away, it can be a real dampener and always remind us the next year that a certain loved one is missing.

Financial Crunch

Moreover, for some people, birthdays can become a hard time to celebrate when they are in a financial rut. Just thinking about arranging a party for others and buying presents for oneself can feel a huge burden.

Feeling low after expectations are not met

Meanwhile, many of us have certain expectations every year on how we want to celebrate our birthdays with our near and dear ones. So, when those expectations aren’t met properly, it makes us feel low through out the day as well as the year.

Feeling isolated or lacking relationships

When a person doesn’t have proper relationships or is always in isolation, it can spoil their birthdays entirely every year.

Thus, these are the common signs of suffering from birthday blues that some of us suffer from every year when our birthday is round the corner. But, it’s about time to be true to ourselves and celebrate our special day the way we want to.

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