Signs that you may not be a caring and supportive friend to others

In life, everyone needs friends to survive in society because human beings are social animals. But, when we start ignoring our friends, it displays our non-caring and unsupportive side.

When this ignoring behavior becomes a constant habit, our friends immediately break their bonds with us because today’s society is based on fickle relationships and everything hangs by a delicate thread.

Therefore, we must pay full attention to our close group of friends and be there for them throughout our lives. This makes us an excellent friend for them.

Additionally, there are also barriers in friendships that stop us from following our oath of friendship with others. That’s why we have to break free from these to fulfill our friendship duties.

Ways which display that we’re not a supportive friend to others

Here’s a list of the few ways in which we may appear to be a bad friend when we show unsupportiveness.

Constantly canceling plans

This is a rather common one. There is always one friend in a group who spoils everyone’s travel, party, or get-together plans simply because either they aren’t interested, feel shy, or don’t want to attend at all. So, this blots their image and makes them appear as the bad person.

Assuming the perspective of our friend

Moreover, we tend to majorly believe our friend’s side of the story most commonly without even bothering to check whether the claims he/she is making are true or not.

Taking advantage of our friends

When we decide to suddenly reach out to our old friend from long ago just to ask some favors out of him/her, this also makes them feel that we are just using them to gain an advantage from the friendship.

Dumping them emotionally but not listening to them

Sometimes, when are emotionally distraught, we decide to dump all our feelings out on our friends. However, when they want our help emotionally, we decide not to listen to their anguish and turn a deaf ear to them.

Not being accountable after making a mistake

Oftentimes, we make mistakes when fulfilling our oath of friendship. In such cases, we must be the bigger person and apologize. But, instead many of us blamed our friends stating that we have been hurt by them or they are the cause of the mistake.

Thus, these are the many ways our friendship takes a whack when we do not show full-hearted support to our friends.

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