Signs that we’re sacrificing ourselves for the approval of the partner

In life, all of us have always desired a healthy, balanced, and well-maintained relationship with our partner.

However, we tend to sometimes end up sacrificing more of ourselves when our partner is not giving us approval. This often leads to self-destruction, frustration, and negativity for us.

While compromising for a relationship is alright and should be done by both parties, making nonsensical sacrifices just isn’t good for your mental and emotional health.

Says therapist Klara Kernig on making sacrifices in a relationship,

Take a moment to acknowledge how many signs of self-sacrifice apply to you. Let’s continuously give ourselves up maintaining relationships. We ultimately become so disconnected from ourselves that we feel resentful, directionless, lost, and don’t know who we are anymore.

Ways in which we are sacrificing ourselves for the love of our partner

Here are some major issues to look out for if you’re constantly self-sacrificing yourself at your partner’s altar.

Hiding our needs, thoughts, and opinions

While trying to gain approval, we all hide our true needs, thoughts, and opinions as we feel that our partner will judge us based on these three traits and misunderstand us completely.

Hiding our emotions

Although we may feel uncomfortable or offended by our partner’s opinions or conversations, we fully hide our emotions as we aren’t wanting to express them.

Betraying our value and belief systems

Just to ensure that our partner stays happy, we betray our values and belief systems so that the approval keeps coming.

Fear of being made fun of

Furthermore, we fear that our partners will make fun of us if we show our vulnerable side to them. Also, we hide our passions and interests and never mention them in front of our partners.

Finding excuses after being treated poorly

When our partners treat us poorly in front of everyone else, we make up excuses on their behalf and say that they’re in a bad mood today and hence they treated us this way. However, it is best that we stand up for ourselves and shut down our partners right there and then.

Thus, these are the major signs of self-sacrifice that we are doing just for the sake of gaining the love, affection, and approval of our partners. It’s time that we understand whether we are entering a toxic relationship or a happy one.

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