Some traits that can lower our self-confidence and affect us mentally

In today’s world, self-confidence is everything. When we have this important trait within us, we can achieve anything that is possible. However, some habits can lower our self-confidence and put us in tremendous doubt about ourselves.

Therefore, it is very important that we not lose out on our self-confidence and keep our heads held high in whatever situation we face in our lives. If we lose confidence, we lose everything and even our social standing may be affected by this.

However, it takes time to build up self-confidence and it is a constant process to maintain the high levels of it in daily life. While many people are able to do so, some are not so lucky and they take time in developing theirs.

Says therapist Nawal Mustafa on low self-confidence,

These habits form a web that entangles confidence, feeding into a state of mind that decreases self-worth and suppresses personal growth. If we can recognise and address these habits, we can begin nurturing a healthier self-image and bolstering confidence.

Habits that can absolutely lower our self-confidence any day

Here are some of those habits that can lower our self-confidence if we get stuck in their web.

Hearing constant criticism and feedback from others

If our family members or friends despise us and talk trash about us all the time, then it can greatly impact our self-confidence and cause us to go into depression as well. It is about time all of us stand up against the perpetrators and tell them off for not humiliating us constantly.

Setting impossible goals for life

Whenever we want to start out on a positive note in our lives, we often set high and mighty expectations for ourselves and want to achieve them as well. However, when the same goals do not get fulfilled our self-confidence takes a severe thwack and we feel underachievers.

Comparison with successful people

Sometimes, when we see others enjoying a successful life, we tend to start comparing ourselves to them and aspire to be in their position. However, it is important to understand that everybody’s journey is different from others. When we are not able to achieve our idol’s position in life, our confidence levels go down.

Negative self-talk and self-criticism

Oftentimes, we talk down to ourselves as well. This greatly impacts our mental and emotional health as well. It’s time that we stop doing such acts to ourselves and give more value to our achievements and our lives overall.

Fearing failure

Furthermore, we feel that we will fail ourselves in our lives. This fear also reduces our confidence and we are deterred from taking any positive step in a new direction. Until and unless we don’t try, we will not be able to reach anywhere.

Thus, these are some of the ways in which our self-confidence decreases. Therefore, it is imperative that we get out of this web as soon as possible.

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