Some unhealthy uses of cell phones may actually be anxiety

Our cell phones are our lifelines in today’s world. Without it, we are nowhere because all our major tasks are done using these teeny-tiny devices. Moreover, we also use these cell phones to create a protective shield or wall around us and other people as we don’t want to interact with them at any cost.

However, such habits may harm us in the long run and they are also often signs of an anxious person who feels safe when he/she has their phones in their hands. They constantly scroll through their social media or completely avoid picking up calls from others even when it’s urgent or important.

Therefore, we must be aware of how to set healthy limits to our cellphone usage so that it doesn’t affect our daily functioning and social lives in any way. When we use our cell phones in a healthy manner, we will be socially more active and be keen to go out more often with friends and family.

Writes Therapist Carrie Howard on cellphone anxiety,

If you find that you’re using your phone in unhealthy ways, or your phone habits are causing you anxiety, try not to judge or criticise yourself. Let it be a sign that you need to set some healthy boundaries with your phone and learn some healthier coping skills to deal with your anxiety.

Signs that a person may be suffering from cellphone anxiety

Let’s look and try to understand what happens when a person is suffering from cell phone anxiety.

Not making or responding to any calls

Oftentimes, people with this anxiety find themselves unable to make or pick up calls when the time comes. This is because they fear that it might be something bad or it may be from someone who wants to scold them for their wrongdoing. However, this isn’t the case at all and it is a clear sign of anxiety. It’s just that these individuals are scared to deal with others.

Not willing to socialise with others

When a person is not interested in making any form of social contact with others, they take the help of their cell phones. This causes them to stay away from family gatherings and friend meetings as the phone keeps them hooked on social media and gives them a sense of peace and calm. This is another sign of anxiety. Many times, it is just a pretend thing as individuals fear that people will come to talk to them and they will falter in front of them. So, to diffuse the situation at the earliest, they take the support of their phones.

Using cell phones as a way to escape from reality

Sometimes, our reality hits us hard in the face and we are unable to grapple with the immediate situation. So, to overcome this negative blockhead from our minds, we use our cell phones and end up scrolling hundreds and thousands of reels and stories on our social media as it helps us to escape all of our reality.

Feelings of FOMO on social media

Meanwhile, another sign of cell phone anxiety is the constant checking of notifications of social media apps, and messages, and the constant urge to remain on every social media app possible. This causes distractions and also a heightened sense of anxiety as individuals feel FOMO and get depressed after seeing others enjoying their lives to the fullest.

Using social media apps and Google to answer our every worry

When we feel extremely anxious or worried at times, we often end up searching for solutions on social media or directly Googling our symptoms to verify if we have any severe or dangerous disease in our bodies. This can make a person quite distraught and fret over nothing.

Thus, these are some of the signs of cell phone anxiety that we must be aware of and keep in check as well. If we are able to maintain a healthy boundary with our cell phones, then it will work wonders for our health and lifestyle.

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