What actions to take to ensure that you get a proper night’s sleep

In today’s society, getting a good night’s sleep is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.

However, many of us end up spending several nights lying awake and getting only a few hours of rest.

According to the latest studies and research, many people in India are affected by rest disorders because of a lack of rest, and is the second country after Japan to have sleep-deprived people.

Says Dr Neerja Agarwal on this phenomenon,

Sleep is a vital aspect of human functioning, and sleep disorders can significantly impair the quality of life, presenting various health-related hurdles. In the Indian population, the burden of sleep disorders is substantial, with prevalent issues like insomnia, obstructive sleep apnoea, hypersomnia, restless leg syndrome, and shift work disorder. Disturbingly, reports indicate that India ranks as the second most sleep-deprived country, following Japan.

Adding further, she says,

The cultivation of bedtime rituals can notably elevate mental health by fostering relaxation and ensuring high-quality sleep. Engaging in soothing activities before bedtime, such as reading, practicing mindfulness, meditation, or taking a warm bath, sends signals to the body to wind down, reducing stress and anxiety levels for a smoother transition into sleep.

Techniques to get that perfect sleep at night and feel refreshed

Here are some of the techniques that we can use to get a perfect rest at night and feel rested.

Having an excellent sleep schedule

Maintaining an excellent schedule and keeping at that pace consistently can vastly improve our quality as it sets up our body’s clock and also improves our mental well-being as well.

Create a relaxing environment

Our surroundings must be dark, cool, and quiet so that our mind and body start relaxing and wind down.

Don’t use smart devices

Furthermore, completely ban the use of phones, laptops, and tabs at night because blue-light emission blocks serotonin production.

Have a set routine

Additionally, having a set routine to go to bed helps in establishing a sense of security and predictability and it also calms the mind.

Give yourself some self-care

Finally, practicing self-care in the evenings not only increases the quantity but also improves its quality. Meanwhile, self-care also enhances cognitive functions, emotional resilience, and overall mental health.

Thus, this is how we have to ensure that we get some rest and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

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