Why a rumination cycle can impact our well-being and happiness

Whenever we make a mistake or commit a huge blunder in life, we have a hard time forgetting about it and always end up ruminating about the issue at length after a few months or even years.

This makes us stuck in a rut and a dangerous cycle of thinking, replaying, getting back to the trauma, and then playing the worst-case scenarios in our heads. However, this thinking can negatively impact our well-being and personal harmony.

Says therapist Carrie Howard on getting stuck in the rumination cycle,

We all get negative or intrusive thoughts sometimes. But it is your responsibility to determine what you will continue to dwell on. Let this fact bring a sense of empowerment, rather than judgment toward yourself.

How rumination keeps us away from getting positive and happy thoughts

Here are some of the reasons why rumination keeps us awake at night and robs us of our happy thoughts as well.

Makes us think that we’re doing something productive

The rumination cycle makes its place in our head because it wants us to look productive in front of others and thinking about the blunder once again will maybe provide us with some solutions.

We think that we will encounter something bad

Rumination also plays tricks with our brains and makes us believe the fact that if we don’t ruminate about the problem, then something bad will happen in our life and it will be because we didn’t think about the rumination.

Gives us relief

Furthermore, thinking about the previous blunder or problem committed can give us a sense of relief.

Escape from difficult situations

We use the excuse of ruminating upon our past problems because it gives us a sense of escape from the present conflicting or difficult emotions that we are facing.

Affects our nervous system

Because of the constant rumination, our nervous system becomes highly dysregulated and this is because of a negative thinking pattern.

Thus, this is how our well-being and personal happiness are affected when we go on the path of rumination. So, stop thinking negative thoughts and start living your life a little bit more.

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