What happens to our brains when we do not set our goals?

In life, setting goals is the fundamental way to achieve success and get ahead in life. However, many of us remain in the dark about our life goals.

When we tend to display such unfocused behavior, our brains also develop a thing of their own and start functioning abnormally.

Says therapist Ketam Hamdan on goal setting and unfocused behavior,

Goal setting rewires our brains to make the component parts work more effectively. Goal setting activates many parts of the brain.

Things that happen to our brain when we lose focus and don’t set goals in life

Here’s how our brain starts functioning when we lose focus in life and don’t think much about our goals.

Focuses on wrong and negative things

Firstly, when we have lost focus, the brain starts building wrong and negative things and takes our whole attention away from the positive.

Obsessing about the wrong people

After losing focus, our brains continue to obsess about wrong ideas and people which ideally should not be paid attention to in actual life.

Repetition of past behavioral patterns

Our brains also tend to repeat harmful behaviours that have already done a lot of bad for us but we still fall victim to it.

Creating unnecessary stress and anxiety

Additionally, our brains also start creating unnecessary stress and anxiety which can be because it feels threatened when the brain is in its active phase.

Goal setting boosts productivity

On the other hand, when we are focused and have a set goal in mind, it boosts productivity, and confidence, and makes us take action to achieve that goal.

Thus, these are the things that we must be aware of and always remember to have a set goal in life. It can work wonders for us for sure.

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