Factors that can bring feelings of abandonment and loneliness in us

In our society, sometimes there are certain dysfunctional families where the parents don’t see eye-to-eye on many subjects and start abandoning their families altogether.

Meanwhile, this dysfunctional behavior tends to affect both children and adults as they start feeling abandoned by their families and feel distanced as well.

All these feelings of abandonment and loneliness can crop up if we start feeling that our parents or caregivers have stopped looking after us and care only about themselves.

Writes therapist Allyson Kellum-Aguirre on these feelings that can be present in both children and adults,

Abandonment issues can have a variety of causes and triggers, often stemming from early life experiences, but they can also be influenced by events and circumstances later in life.

Factors that affect the feelings of abandonment and loneliness

Let’s look at the different factors that can trigger the feelings of abandonment and loneliness in children and adults,

Loss of either one or both parents in a tragic way

When we lose one or both of our parents, we may feel that there is no one to take care of us and this leads to feelings of loneliness and abandonment. This can have especially severe effects on children who are very much attached to their parental figures.

Feelings of betrayal or rejection in a relationship

When we are rejected or face betrayal in a relationship, we feel extreme trauma and loneliness as we feel that after putting in so much effort in maintaining this relationship, we have been abandoned. This can bring in a lot of negative emotions in young people who are in the phase of making relationships.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family can also trigger feelings of abandonment

Being raised in dysfunctional families can make us victims of abandonment and loneliness right from the start of our lives.

Getting the same treatment in the future by our romantic partner can further enhance these feelings.

Divorce or heartbreak also gives us feelings of loneliness and rejection by our partner

A divorce or heartbreak in a romantic marriage or relationship with our partner can severely impact our mental health.

Receiving no love from neglectful parents or caregivers can seriously harm us

Meanwhile, not getting the proper love and affection from our parents and caregivers can leave us abandoned.

When our parents or other caregivers neglect our needs, we feel as if we have been abandoned early on in life.

Moreover, this can severely affect children who are in dire need of their parents and want their support.

Therefore, these factors are very harmful to the mental health of both children and adults and can impact their functionality.

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