How to be more visible in your relationship with your partner?

In today’s world, it is imperative that we form an excellent relationship with our partner that also allows for clear communication, trust, and love for one another.

Additionally, it is essential that we are there for our partners and be visible in every way we can.

Moreover, when both partners put equal efforts into maintaining the relationship, it will only grow more and more in a beautiful manner.

Writes therapist Israa Nasir about this important aspect of any relationship,

Being seen creates a strong emotional connection between partners. It allows you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings, creating a safe and supportive environment for vulnerability. Feeling seen is essential for the development of emotional and physical intimacy. It’s the basis for a fulfilling and passionate connection, as it allows you to share your true selves with one another.

Meanwhile, she has further explained what being seen really means in a relationship,

It’s about more than just physical presence; it’s the emotional and psychological recognition and validation that partners provide to each other, which is crucial for building a strong and lasting connection.

Ways in which you and your partner can be more visible to each other

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can be present for your partner in every way:

Letting our partners know our emotions

Firstly, it is very important that we expose our raw emotions to our partner and let him/her know if we are feeling well or not. Doing this will ensure that our partner will listen to us empathetically.

A sense of acceptance from our partner

When in a relationship, it is often expected from our partners that they accept us for who we are and not ask us to change our personality. When both partners accept each other in an original way, it will make the relationship a fruitful one.

Becoming a part of each other’s lives

Always being there for your partner during an important decision or just when they need your love and support is important to keep your relationship going.

Be sure that you get enough acknowledgment from your partner

It is highly imperative that our partner acknowledges our faults and defects and does not ask us to be someone else just because they are unhappy with our original selves.

Our partners must celebrate and recognize us in every way

Whenever we get time to rejoice for any small thing, it is important that our partner joins us in that celebration and recognizes the efforts that we have gone through in order to celebrate the win.

We must have strong value ethic with each other

Rather than faking them, we must stay strong and follow whatever values and beliefs we have with us. This allows us to be more free with ourselves and also with our partners.

Thus, these are some of the ways in which we can improve our visibility for our partner and not just hide behind a curtain.

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