Follow these tips and your dog won’t pull you badly on its leash

As we all know, our dogs have always been fond of pulling us on walks as they don’t want to be kept under any restraints. This is pretty much normal dog behavior in our everyday life.

But, when our dogs pull too much and want us to let them loose at every single point during the walk, then it is a problem that needs to be addressed at the earliest as this cannot be allowed by pet parents.

Therefore, teaching them the proper way to walk on the leash certainly takes time and patience on the part of the owners and dog trainers as our furry companions take things in a different way.

Moreover, this is also because dogs have four legs and see the entire world in a whole other way and they may also pull because they want to reach their thing in a quick manner.

So, when walking your dog, make sure you show enough amount of patience and firmness so that they aren’t led astray from their walking path.

Meanwhile using a longer lead and giving them home training are some of the effective ways in which you can successfully walk your dog in the outside world.

According to pet behaviorist, Vanessa,

Dogs aren’t born knowing how to walk nicely on lead- we have to teach them! Comparatively, we walk in a boring way- from A-B, in the most efficient way possible, and we never stop to smell the p-mail! Only having two legs we’re slow, dogs with their four can naturally walk faster. They like to zig-zag, go back and forth and they see the world through their nose so stopping and sniffing is important.

Ways in which you can effectively walk your dog on a leash

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can make your dog walk efficiently without them getting distracted.

Longer lead will make your dog feel less restrained

Make sure that your dog walking lead is a bit longer and your pet doesn’t feel the need to pull more often to reach out for something. Generally, dogs like to jump and pull on their leads to reach out for anything that catches their fancy. Meanwhile, a longer lead will put them in a safe space and they will walk with more freedom and movement.

Giving them rewards when they don’t display pulling behavior

Always make sure that you carry your dog’s favorite treats when taking them out on a walk. Also, don’t forget to reward your pet whenever they don’t display pulling behavior of any sort while walking. This type of reward reinforces the no-pulling behavior in dogs and they will slowly stop the entire process. Also, reward your dog in different positions when taking a walk- next to you, behind you, and low down.

Train them properly at home before taking them out

Before you start taking your dog to the nearby park or simply on the road for a walk, it is imperative that you make them walk at home. This is because they will learn to walk properly without many distractions to grab their attention and they will follow your commands in a more effective way. You can start the training in your verandah or simply in the living room.

We’re sure that you will be able to teach your dog the proper way to walk without any hitches if you take care of certain simple rules and being firm and patient with your furry companion.

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