How to combat cervical cancer in women and lessen its threat in India

As the world celebrated World Cancer Day on the 4th of February, a lot of importance was given to cervical cancer and it has still been a hot topic for many years.

This cancer is the fourth most common occurring cancer in women and affects all women regardless of their age, background, and socioeconomic status.

However, if women are empowered with knowledge and treatments regarding this cancer, then the fatality and new incidences can be reduced to a great degree.

According to the Joint Managing Director and Preventive Healthcare Specialist at Indus Health Plus, Amol Naikawadi, women get cervical cancer due to the following reasons- contracting the HPV infection by practicing unsafe sex, not undergoing regular scans, and not having access to vaccination against HPV.

However, he has given some tips on how to combat cervical cancer and live a cancer-free life.

Strategies that women must use to prevent cervical cancer

Let’s take a look at the list of prevention strategies that women must use to get maximum coverage.

Getting vaccination

Firstly, girls and women should have adequate access to vaccination for HPV and get its required doses at the right time. The right time to receive this vaccination is during the age group of 9-14 years. But, to increase awareness, awareness campaigns need to be done.

Undergo regular screening

Additionally, every woman above the age of 21 years must undergo regular screening for cervical cancer once in 3 years. Furthermore, more screening facilities must be made accessible for every woman so that detection is done earlier.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Moreover, women need to have a healthy lifestyle to combat not just cervical but any form of cancer from developing. This can be done easily through exercise, a balanced diet, and not using tobacco.

Avoid smoking

Furthermore, women must stop smoking as soon as possible because it increases the chances of getting an HPV infection. Avoiding smoking has also many other health benefits.

Having safe sex

Finally, women should encourage their partners to have safe sex with each other. Using condoms during a sexual encounter stops women from getting HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases in the future.

Thus, these are the steps that women must undergo to live a healthy life and stay away from every type of cancer. When women support each other in the fight against cancer, they surely win it.

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