Ways to end generational codependency between parents and children

As parents, we must maintain a healthy relationship with our children and not bog them down with unrealistic expectations.

These expectations arise because we feel that we can make our children codependent on us and they will remain forever indebted to us all their lives.

However, to have a healthy relationship, we must make our children empowered and independent from an early age so that they have faith in their capabilities.

If we want generational codependency to end, it has got to be our generation so that our future generations do not get affected by it.

Says therapist Linda Meredith on eliminating codependency,

Parenting young adults offers a unique opportunity to break the cycle of intergenerational codependency. It’s about empowering them to be independent, confident, and emotionally resilient.

Tips on effectively dismantling codependency between parents and children

Here’s a list of how as parents we need to break down the wall of intergenerational codependency between us and our children.

Explore their inner strength and capabilities

Firstly, we must start encouraging our kids to explore their inner talents and find strength in their capabilities.

Foster age-appropriate expectations

Additionally, we have to ensure that whatever age our child is, he/she must be able to fulfill the expectations of that age group only. Don’t ask them to fulfill unrealistic expectations at the wrong age.

Making them understand the importance of boundaries

Furthermore, our children must understand what it is to be within boundaries and we must also respect their privacy when they require it.

Supporting their emotions

Meanwhile, we also have to ensure that we support the emotions of our children, healthily addressing them, and creating a safe and healthy space for them where they can be vulnerable with us.

Teaching coping skills

Finally, we must also teach our kids coping skills that will prove useful to them in their adult lives. When they learn coping skills, they can manage their emotions well. Additionally, they should be taught self-care as well.

Thus, these are the things that we as parents must teach our children. Remember, when they can utilize these skills, it makes them an all-round personality in adulthood.

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