What collective grief feels like when we are experiencing it together

Oftentimes, when major events such as wars and disasters occur, they claim the lives of many involved in it and leave behind grief for their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Those who have lost their kinsmen in any such event become emotionally numb and often remain distanced from others who want to be there for them and share in their grief.

That’s why such people should join support groups related to the incident and have heart-to-heart talks with others who are also sufferers of the same tragedy.

Says therapist Ketam Hamdan on experiencing collective grief,

Collective grief can often be difficult to deal with. It can feel overwhelming, and it can also trigger feelings about our own losses and experiences of grief and exacerbate existing psychological distress.

Reasons why people experience collective grief and its signs

Here are some tell-tale signs of why people experience collective grief and remain aloof from others.

A sense of numbness and detachment

Firstly, people with collective grief always keep a sense of numbness around them and also remain detached as they are undergoing intense grief.

Trust issues

Moreover, people also start showing trust issues, stop focusing on positive things in life, and start misplacing things because they are emotionally numb and can’t seem to focus properly on anything.

Facing issues with regular tasks

When people are under severe grief, they don’t remember to do their regular tasks and also don’t perform their routine work.

Feel the emotions

But, remaining emotionally numb is not going to help those in grief. They must allow themselves to be vulnerable and experience the sensations their body is feeling by letting loose their emotions.

Do not face any pressure

Finally, when people are in their grief period, they must learn to cry and express their feelings in a safe space and not be pressured by anyone to do so.

Thus, these are the signs and ways to cope with collective grief for people experiencing the situation at the moment. Give people time to open up and come out of their shells.

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