How to effectively manage the symptoms associated with C-PTSD

A new disorder, known as Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or C-PTSD has taken the world by storm these days.

Not only does a person with this disorder have to worry about the symptoms of PTSD but he/she also has to deal with other symptoms such as difficulty in controlling emotions, feeling angry, and not being able to trust others around them.

Says therapist Linda Meredith on C-PTSD,

It takes courage to face our emotions, to sit with them without judgment or the urge to flee. It’s about learning to be present with ourselves, in all our complexity.

What to do when suffering from C-PTSD and how to keep it under control

Let’s take a look at some easy and effective methods that can help us deal with C-PTSD.

Finding a comfortable spot

Firstly, when your C-PTSD signs have reached a high crescendo, it’s time to stop and find a safe and comfortable space where you don’t find disturbance and your privacy won’t be interrupted.

Take deep breaths

Then, as you settle down, start taking long and deep breaths to ensure that your nervous system calms down and is comfortable in knowing that it’s in a safe spot. This also helps in controlling our emotions and reactions.

Mindfulness Meditation

Doing some form of meditation helps us connect with our inner selves. It also helps us deal with the origin of difficult emotions healthily.

Staying Present

Also, keep in mind that you are firmly rooted in the present and not flitting between the past and the future.

Staying Grounded

Finally, feeling and exploring our immediate surroundings ensures that we are firmly grounded and have nothing to fear about.

Thus, this is how we can manage our C-PTSD symptoms with ease and live a comfortable and healthy life as well.

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