What does Emotional Contamination OCD feels like? Therapist explains

Around the world, a small to medium population of people suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD.

This is a type of disorder where people think about things obsessively, perform repetitions, and have similar behavioral patterns throughout their lives.

However, a new subset of OCD called Emotional Contamination OCD is on the rise these days.

People with this form of OCD often believe that coming in contact with certain people or places will contaminate them.

So, let’s get to the bottom of this new subset and understand its various signs and symptoms.

Learning about the new subset of OCD: Emotional Contamination OCD

Here’s a list of signs that we can easily observe in people who have this new subset.

Ritualistic Behavioural Patterns

Firstly, people start using certain rituals to keep themselves clean after they have been contaminated by any person, place, or object.

Obsessively think about their actions

Furthermore, such people also start thinking about the possible harm that their thoughts and actions can bring not only to themselves but also to others.

Deriving negative traits of others

Additionally, sufferers of this disorder also feel that if they have been contaminated by other people, places, or objects, then they will get the negative traits of that.

Stay away from certain geographical locations

Moreover, such people always try to stay away from locations that they feel may contaminate them such as cemeteries.

Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy

Finally, a technique called Exposure and Response Prevention therapy should be used for the sufferers of this disorder so that they disengage completely from their thoughts and start confronting their challenges and fears.

Thus, this is how we can know and help people suffering from Emotional Contamination OCD and make their lives a better place to live. We also have to ensure that they stop obsessing about their thoughts and always confront their fears head-on.

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