What are the signs of imposter syndrome that we must be wary of

While many of us are working hard and achieving our goals on a day-to-day basis, others often doubt themselves and feel like an imposter.

This self-doubt gives such people the feeling of being an imposter at times when they feel that whatever their intellect, skills, and accomplishments, they’re all a fraud and they will be caught soon.

Says therapist Carrie Howard on imposter syndrome,

Recognise and own your achievements. Stop explaining your successes away as though they happened by luck or some other external factor. Give yourself permission to feel proud of your accomplishments.

Top signs to look out for when having imposter syndrome

Let’s now take a look at what are the dangerous signs of imposter syndrome and why we shouldn’t fall for the trap.

Everything is a fraud

Firstly, whenever we are doing our routine tasks and accomplishing our goals, we soon start feeling that we are pretending to have a good life in front of others and we will exposed as a fraud soon.

Cowing down before our inner critic

When our inner critic uses harsh words against us, we become afraid and feel that we are not doing well enough and have doubts about our abilities.

Making constant comparisons

Additionally, we also make constant comparisons between ourselves and others that make us feel worse about ourselves.

Fearing rejection and failures

Moreover, many of us are also mighty afraid of being rejected and failing in life. This again makes us feel that we aren’t good enough.

Setting high standards for ourselves

Finally, when we want to up our social and professional game, we start setting impossible goals and practice perfectionism. We tend to overwork ourselves and often end up being burnt out.

Thus, we must be wary of the imposter syndrome and not allow it to dominate our lives at any cost. We must learn to steer clear of this syndrome.

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