How Vitamin D is essential for women who have entered menopause

After the age of 40-45, women enter a phase known as menopause, wherein their body stops going into menstruation. When there is no menstruation for a whole year, it is termed menopause.

That’s why this time is pretty hard for many women as their bodies start getting used to the new changes which can take either some months or some years.

Says doctor Louise Newson on menopause,

This time of year, can be really difficult with dark mornings and evenings and I hear from lots of women who experience a dip in their mood, find it hard to get up in the morning and lack energy during these dark winter months.

Why Vitamin D has been called a superhero for women with menopause

Let’s now turn our attention to why Vitamin D is effective for women who are currently in their menopause phase.

Disrupted Sleep Patterns

Firstly, menopause usually heralds very disturbing sleep patterns in women as they have trouble sleeping and waking up. When exposed to sunlight, these women can easily set a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Increases cortisol; decreases melatonin

Moreover, Vitamin D found in sunlight helps increase cortisol levels and reduces the production of melatonin which helps the brain remain active throughout the day.

Absorbs calcium and phosphorous

Furthermore, Vitamin D is also effective in absorbing calcium and phosphorous. These two minerals are very much essential for maintaining good muscle and bone health.

Can be taken through diet as well

Additionally, Vitamin D can also be consumed via a healthy diet, but it’s better if women expose themselves more to natural sunlight to absorb it naturally.

Avoids low moods and weight gain

When women expose themselves to adequate sunlight, it helps their mood get a boost and they also don’t put on too much weight. Meanwhile, sunlight also helps in gaining alertness, decision-making abilities, and cognitive functions.

Thus, this is how women struggling with menopause can alleviate themselves and lead a healthy and happy life.

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