Intrusive thoughts that we all have in our everyday lives

Our thoughts can either give us pleasure or they can give us major headaches and depression.

However, we do get hit by various distressing imaginations from time to time and we often lose focus as well.

Additionally, when there is a whole bunch of these thoughts inside our heads, we can become quite distressed and upset as well.

Says therapist Gessica Di Stefano on the nature of intrusive thoughts,

Intrusive thoughts are abrupt and distressing, often presenting unwanted scenarios or images that seem to intrude upon daily thinking. There are several different types of intrusive thoughts and today we are sharing 6 common types of intrusive thoughts, as well as 6 lesser-known types of intrusive thoughts.

Thoughts that harm us and lead our lives astray every day

Let’s take a look at how to control this intrusion and what are some of their types.

Fear of Contamination

Firstly, we may think of being contaminated by certain people, situations, or things. The term for this disorder is Emotional Contamination OCD which is a new subset of OCD.

Remaining perfect

Additionally, many of us think of being a perfectionist and can get drained in the process. Setting unrealistic expectations and standards for ourselves can bring only disappointment if not achieved.

Thinking about unpleasant thoughts

Furthermore, many of us get emotionally charged when we think about unpleasant things, especially if they are traumatic ones. These can hit us any time of the day and make us upset all day long.

Constantly forgetting or losing things

When we fear that we may forget or lose things daily, this can be very distressing or upsetting for us.

Often doubting ourselves

Moreover, we also start doubting ourselves whether it be our decisions related to education, career, or anything major, and it can make us feel that we aren’t good enough.

Fear of losing control

Finally, we may feel that we may lose control of our lives and get into a mess and this can upset us severely.

Thus, these are very common intrusive thoughts that can harm our everyday functioning and make us degrade ourselves.

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