The five personality traits we should know about in life

In our everyday lives, we come across several persons who have different personality traits inside them. These traits are also defined by certain factors as well.

Moreover, certain models and tests are available to determine the personality of a person. Psychologists administer several tests to individuals to gauge their personality type and how they will function in society.

Says psychologist Alf Lokkertsen on personality,

In the personality trait perspective, psychologists have tried to develop a model and tests to define people’s personality in several dimensions. Based on research, psychologists defined five categories: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

A look at the five major personality traits of any individual

Here’s a deeper look into the major personality traits of any individual that they might be having inside themselves.


Firstly, openness is a personality trait in which a person enjoys various things, listens to others’ perspectives, and finds happiness in every little thing.


This is another personality trait in which an individual can maintain a healthy routine and avoid chaos of any kind.


The opposite of introversion, extraversion is a personality trait in which a person likes being surrounded by other people and knows how to enjoy the company of people.


This is a personality trait in which a person shows an understanding and empathetic nature. They also show an acceptance of others’ opinions and thoughts.


Finally, neuroticism is a harmful personality trait for a person in which they can get severe worries related to certain things and become stressed. Moreover, they also display upset behavior regarding things that they care about the most.

Thus, these are the big five personality traits that all of us should know about. Many of us either have one or two of these personality traits. So, you may be fitting into one of these if you read the symptoms and signs carefully.

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