Which hormones look after our hunger, satiety, and fat storage

Every day, all of us have our food three times a day. And for this food to be broken down and used by our bodily systems, various hormones do the job along with the digestive system.

So, when these hormones go into overdrive or show less production, it can cause our body to gain weight, feel full or hungry all the time, and may also affect our appetite.

Says nutritionist Marina Wright on such hormones,

Weight gain or the inability to lose weight isn’t just an issue associated with the food you eat or how much you exercise. It can also be affected by stress, sleep, gut health, genes, exposure to environmental toxins, the mind-body connection, and hormones.

Hormones that affect our appetite and allow us to have food

Here’s a list of the many different hormones that help us when we have our meals.


While the thyroid is helpful in various bodily functions, it is also useful in low quantities when we have our food. When thyroid production is less, our bodies burn fat easily and metabolize the stored energy.


If our body has excessive insulin, it can cause us to gain weight, increase inflammation, and also increase the risk of various chronic diseases.


This hormone causes fat deposits to be stored in the body and that eventually leads us to have more sugar cravings and decrease our metabolism.


The opposite of Leptin, Ghrelin causes us to have hunger pangs for food and it stimulates us.


This hormone is made inside the fat cells and is the center of satiety. However, if our bodies start resisting leptin, it can decrease our satiety, leading to great hunger pangs.


Finally, estrogen is responsible for glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. If the body has low or high levels of estrogen, it can lead to weight gain.

Thus, these are some of the hormones associated with our appetite that we have to take care of. Enjoying a hearty meal is the best way to keep the regulation of these hormones in check.

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