What NOT to buy this Dhanteras to usher in prosperity at your home

Dhanteras is round the corner and everyone in India is quite excited to celebrate the festival in full fanfare.

Moreover, it is the same festival that kicks off the five-day celebrations of Diwali in India and hence it is considered a very important festival for people all over the country.

This year, the festival falls on the 10th of November and people will worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber on this day to receive their blessings of peace and prosperity and also of wealth.

Additionally, everyone will also buy clay or metal items of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on Dhanteras.

Meanwhile, things that are considered auspicious to buy on Dhanteras are gold, silver, gold ornaments, new copper, silver, and brass utensils, and other useful household items for daily use.

In modern times, people also bring in modern equipment like vehicles, phones, laptops, refrigerators, microwaves, brooms, and other things.

But, there are certain things that people must refrain from buying on Dhanteras as it will invite bad luck.

Things that must absolutely be not bought for Dhanteras

Let’s take a look at some of the inauspicious things that people must totally refrain from buying on Dhanteras.


Do not purchase iron or items made from iron as it has always been considered inauspicious. Meanwhile, people also believe that Lord Kuber doesn’t bless the houses where there are iron items.


Just like iron, refrain from buying steel utensils or things made from steel because they can bring in bad luck. Other alternatives to steel are copper and bronze which can be bought by people to usher in blessings at home.

Sharp Items

Usually, people in India do not buy sharp objects in their homes during the festival of Dhanteras such as knives and scissors because it is believed that these things can bring bad luck to the family.

Empty Vessels

Similarly, if you have bought utensils or vessels of copper, bronze, or brass, then it is evident that the shopkeeper will not fill them with water or food for you. Many people, therefore, purchase a small quantity of rice or lentils and fill the empty vessel with it, or if not possible, then simply with water before bringing the vessel inside the home.

Glass Items

People also do not purchase any glass items on Dhanteras as it is associated with Rahu and bad luck.

Aluminum and Plastic

One must completely avoid buying or using products made of either aluminum or plastic as it is not considered auspicious. Instead, they can buy metal products for everyday use at home.


During Dhanteras, it is advisable that you shouldn’t purchase oil/ghee on the day of the festival. Try to make sure that you purchase it before the festival or on the second day of Diwali.

Fake Gold

While you will be heading to the jewelry shops in some time to purchase your gold coins, biscuits, or jewelry, beware of fake items made of gold as it is nothing but gold plating while the actual metal may be something else.

Thus, these are some of the items that one must not purchase during the festival of Dhanteras and steer clear of at all times. This will ensure that your house and family receive an abundant amount of prosperity and wealth every year on Dhanteras.

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