What to do if we want to develop emotional awareness inside us

Emotions play an important role in our lives and we must start recognizing them immediately and not be led astray from them. It is crucial to notice, address, and manage our emotions well if we want to develop emotional awareness.

When a person healthily communicates his/her emotions to oneself and others, it is known as emotional awareness and this forms an important part of our EQ or emotional quotient which is nowadays rated higher than IQ or intelligence quotient.

Therefore, the better managed our emotions are, the more successful we are in our lives. Says therapist Lucille Shackleton on developing emotional awareness,

Developing emotional awareness involves becoming more attuned to your own emotions, understanding their causes and effects, and learning how to manage them effectively.

Learn how to become more effective at emotional awareness

Here is how you can become emotionally aware by listening to your emotions and allowing yourself to feel the same.

Noticing the emotions

Firstly, start taking note of your different emotions. Keep checking in on yourself to see how you are feeling emotionally every day.

Don’t suppress your emotions

Many times, we suppress our natural emotions and feel that we are managing them quite well. However, this isn’t true. Don’t push away your natural feelings and allow them to take you wherever they want to take you.

Have an emotional vocabulary

Additionally, start developing an emotional vocabulary that will allow us to communicate our current emotions with others effectively.

Address the physical reactions

Furthermore, our emotions also affect us physically, therefore, we must feel the physical effects of the emotions that we are currently experiencing.

Understanding the relationship between thoughts and feelings

Finally, all of us must start understanding the relationship that our thoughts and feelings share. Understanding this crucial relationship will increase our emotional awareness even more because our thoughts certainly influence the way we feel.

Thus, these are some of the ways in which we can develop awareness and have good control over our thoughts and feelings.

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