How are nutrient deficiencies and brain health interrelated: Explained

When it comes to our mental health, we need optimum nutrients to keep it going and when there is a deficiency, it leads to several disorders such as depression, anxiety, brain fog, and ADHD.

According to recent studies and research, brain health and nutrient deficiency are interconnected and this needs to be taken seriously.

Says naturopathic doctor Corina Dunlap on this connection,

Nutrient deficiencies can play a significant role in mental health, affecting conditions like anxiety, depression, brain fog, and ADHD. Addressing nutrient deficiencies is crucial for brain health because the brain relies on various nutrients to function optimally.

A look at the nutrients that help keep brain health in check

Let’s take a look at the various mental health disorders and understand which nutrients help to keep them at bay.


Anxiety can happen if our body lacks nutrients such as magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and Zinc.


When we have a deficiency of nutrients such as vitamin D, Iron, B vitamins, and magnesium, it signals our brain to go into a state of depression.

Brain Fog

It has now also been understood that brain fog is caused due to a depletion of nutrients in the body that can keep us deluded for a while.


Finally, ADHD is also a major disorder that can happen due to a nutrient deficiency in the body leading to hyperactivity, attention deficiency, and impulsiveness.

Thus, these are the major mental health issues that need to be dealt with properly by consuming a balanced diet and staying fit both physically and mentally.

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