If you are having a defensive conversation with your partner, you need this

Many times in a relationship, we end up having defensive conversations with our partners which can be quite unsettling for both of us.

Moreover, this defensive behavior arises when we are under physical or emotional threat. Thus, when too much defensiveness starts entering the relationship, we must reevaluate our stand with our partner.

Reasons for our defensive behavior with our partner in a relationship

Here are the top reasons as to why we are behaving defensively with our partner.

Start seeing triggers everywhere

When we are trying to make the relationship go with our partner, we also have traumatic reactions to everything. So, when those trauma reactions show up, we become defensive.

Constantly threatened

Furthermore, our brains are constantly under threat and this finally rears its ugly head in the relationship. When we use the responsibility mindset, we will understand the situation better.

Fixated thoughts

Most of the time, we develop fixed thoughts about the relationship and start believing that we are correct and our partner is wrong. Additionally, we also display stubbornness and don’t accept others’ views on things.

Developing a growth mindset

It’s important that all of us have a growth mindset because it helps us in opening our minds and accepting others as they are. Furthermore, it reduces the strictness that we use to understand people.

Making assumptions

Finally, we must ask questions about things that we don’t understand. However, many of us don’t do this and end up making various assumptions. This also creates a defensive mindset.

Therefore, it is better to nurture a loving, caring, and understanding relationship with our partner. Don’t let doubts and defensive behavior come in the way.

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