Tips in which Omega-3 fatty acids help in maintaining good health

As we all know, omega-3 fatty acids are an important nutrient for the proper functioning of our bodies. Moreover, it is an essential nutrient that must be consumed by everyone to increase their health.

This nutrition supports the body by providing ample energy and also benefiting a lot of the other bodily systems.

Says naturopathic doctor Corina Dunlap on the beneficial impact of omega-3 fatty acids,

Essential levels of omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for hormone health.

Ways in which we can gain the most out of omega-3 fatty acids for our bodies

Here’s a list of the various benefits that our body can take from omega-3 fatty acids.

Creates a healthy inflammatory response

Firstly, this nutrient is responsible for creating a healthy anti-inflammatory border inside our bodies that in turn increases the production of Estrogen and Progesterone.

Keep thyroid hormone healthy

Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for the cell structure membrane of the thyroid cells as they enhance the efficacy of the thyroid hormone receptors.

Controls stress response

Moreover, this nutrient is also beneficial because not only it lowers inflammation by supporting adrenal health but it also controls the body’s stress response ability.

Enhances the healthy ovarian function

Furthermore, consuming omega-3 fatty acids can also help in keeping our ovarian system and its functioning normal and it doesn’t allow excessive androgen production.

Reduces insulin sensitivity

Finally, this beneficial nutrient is also helpful in reducing insulin sensitivity in the body and also the resistance against it.

Thus, this is why we must include foods in our diet that are a rich source of this all-important nutrient.

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